New This Month: Let eMusic Charts get you close to your fellow fans

With the latest update on eMusic, you can now see what’s trending. Stay in tune with your fellow eMusic fans.

Sometimes when you log into eMusic you know exactly how to spend your credits ― whether it’s the latest Dr. Dog or completing your Rockbeat Records collection. But what about those days when you’re up for something thrilling and new?

That’s what our latest update is all about.

eMusic Charts

eMusic Charts are now available on the Discover section of the app and from the main nav on the site. Charts are a quick guide to the albums currently trending on eMusic, showing the diversity of music and genres available in the eMusic catalog. Updated on a daily basis, it’s the best way to keep current on what’s new and fresh, especially on eMusic, where the music fans have some of the greatest taste around.

On the web, you can also view what’s Selling Now, a constant feed of sales as they come in your community. This is the best way to get a real-time view of what’s happening and a chance to find something fresh in the catalog. It’s not quite the record store thrill, but something close.  

Selling Now

Social Sharing

Tell your friends what you’re listening to! Finally, we’ve introduced a social feature that lets you quickly share artist and albums with contacts and others on social media, messaging apps, and more.

Make sure to upgrade to the latest version of your iPhone/Android eMusic app and tell us what you think!

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