New this month: Singles Tags and Artist Page enhancements

Outside of the normal bug fixes and general updates for better performance on our apps and website, we’ve also rolled out a handy set of search and filter enhancements that we’re excited for our members to try out. The new tools are designed so you can save a heap of time and get on with building up your music collection, while the discovery features will help make it easier to find more music by your favorite artists.  Don’t forget to update your app today so that you have access to:

New tags for singles
We’ve now tagged “singles” to help you better organize browsing and shopping, especially when you are looking at new releases or viewing an artist’s works.  You can find the tag in the bottom right corner as you can see on Laura Marling’s Wild Fire in the screenshot below.

Laura Marling

Filter by singles/full albums
For more targeted browsing, a filter for singles/full albums has been added that can be applied when browsing artist, albums or tracks.

Album Features* added to artist pages
Now on the eMusic store, when you go to any artist page you’ll find not just their current and past releases, but their whole body of work, including “Appears On” features with other artists — a great way to find more music from the artist, as well as new like-minded musicians.

Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 3.46.23 PM

*Coming soon the artist page will also include full collaborations for 100% view of the artists body of work. Stay tuned!

To make sure you get all these great features, don’t forget to upgrade to the latest version of your iPhone/Android eMusic app.

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