Product Update: Ratings and Reviews

We’re pleased to bring back ratings and reviews for albums – a popular community feature that can help our members continue to discover and enjoy music in their favorite genres or in new genres yet undiscovered.

We’ve added thousands of previously available reviews by our own editors on music from artists you’ve been listening to across our entire catalog, as well as previous ratings by the community.  We’d love to now engage our members to participate in rating recent releases and music they’ve been enjoying in the past months.

One new improvement we’ve made on our previous ratings system is to allow members to provide an opinion on both purchased AND uploaded music, so long as the music uploaded is available within the eMusic catalog.

It’s OK to just rate an album without leaving a review, but more members agree that a short (or long) review is helpful to provide more insight and context to a rating, so if you have the time…more is more!.

Stay tuned… in the coming weeks we’ll be introducing the capability of filtering browse results by ratings and many more requested player and app features.

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