Top of 2018: Domino Records Features

2018 is off to a strong start thanks to a few key releases to welcome the year. We’d like to feature a few titles from Domino Records. Their track record spans releases from the Arctic Monkeys, Dirty Projectors, The Notwist and more.

Let’s take a look at a snapshot of 2018’s recent releases:

Porches – The House
This is the third studio album by Porches, a project led by New-York’s Aaron Maine. Musically, The House falls inbetween darkwave and dance-pop. Some tracks (“Leave the House”, “Find Me” & “Ono”) are a throwback to Pool (2016), echoing its danceable beat. Maine stated the lyrics featured in The House are based on journal entries and that most songs were recorded the day they were written.

Hookworms – Microshift
The title ‘Microshift’, named somewhat ironically, depicts the differences in style between this release and Hookworms’ previous two albums. They manage to retain their true sound yet continue to push beyond their limits as a band.

Franz Ferdinand – Always Ascending
Franz Ferdinand’s Always Ascending is the band’s fifth album and a first for the new line up featuring musicians Dino Bardot (guitar) and Julian Corrie (keyboards, synth and guitar). Lead singer Alex Kapranos said he wants to “make dance music but play it as a raw band”. This album hits that mark. Franz Ferdinand exhibit new style and sound, and thus triumphantly prove that they are more than capable to growing and evolving while staying true and original.

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