Offline Playlists

You’re on your way to work and you’ve got a bit of a commute. You put your favorite playlist on and start moving your lips to the tune of “Man in Black” by the late and great Johnny Cash.

Johnny stops singing abruptly and so do you. Argh! Lost connection yet again. If only there was something to do about that…oh, wait! There is!

eMusic is very excited to introduce you to its latest feature: Offline Playlists!

Here’s how it works:
Login to the eMusic app, go into My Music and then into Playlists.
Click on a playlist and then press the toggle to make it available offline.

Easy, ain’t it?

Mind you, you have to be online for the tracks to download onto your device. You can undo that action at any point by just pressing the toggle again, keeping the option of easily returning it to an offline playlist OR remove the album from device, individually or as a whole through the playlist’s More Options menu.

If you wish to, you can add more tracks to the (offline) playlist and they will automatically be downloaded and included with the rest of the songs.

So, next time you head to work or return home after a night out, you can sing along without fearing that Thom Yorke will leave you high and dry.

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