Over 50K Albums Added to the eMusic Catalog

A few days ago, a member of our community posted on Reddit about finding music on our catalog, that had become unavailable via web and mobile search and could not be found under the relevant labels or artist pages where the content should have been. During our own investigation, we identified a problem with our search algorithm, which we have now corrected to make this music searchable. Spurred on by this and other helpful and directional discussion in our eMusers and Reddit communities, we’re happy to say that we’ve recovered a substantial amount of music.

At eMusic, access to more and more music and choice is paramount to our discovery model. We have a plan to further address and add music back to our catalog in the coming months, and will update via email newsletters and the blog to ensure our members are kept up to date.

Please, keep the comments coming! Join our Reddit or eMuser communities, or email our Customer Success Team and let us hear from you. We are a small team, and we are proud that we can work with our music fans on solutions to make the experience better.

Though you can find additions across thousands of labels*, here are some top labels you may want to check out where we’ve recovered hundreds of albums previously missing:

Ninja Tune
Merge Records
Centaur Records
Big Dada
Gorgon Records
ESP Disk
Planet E Communications
Mr. Bongo
Brain Feeder
SideOneDummy Records
Polyvinyl Records

*Regional catalog differences apply.

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