Best of 2017

As we come to the end of 2017, and take a look back at how and what music has been purchased in 2017, there have been some important insights of note this year. For example, many eMusic fans are still in love with the album vs. the track – the vast majority of purchases are albums, showing that our members prefer to purchase a full body of work that an artist puts together to share their current worldview. This contrasts sharply with what plays on streaming services – individual tracks curated by an algorithm or by a service like Spotify or Tidal. In addition, most eMusic members also prefer to curate and listen to their own music over streaming – in fact, on any given day, members report that 90% of the time, their own music is what’s playing, vs. sampling from streaming services.

So, after culling all the music purchased in 2017 including items save to the wish list, as well as our own staff and label input, we’ve collated the top albums of the year into a giant list for you – featuring everything from pop to vocal jazz to prog rock, from veterans and freshman, and everything in-between.

You can find the full list available here, some at discounts up to 75% off retail for our members.

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