Updates based on eMusic Member feedback

As Q3 comes to a close on September 30, we are once again launching our eMusic customer satisfaction survey to both our members and visitors to gauge how we’re doing since the relaunch of our eMusic website and mobile apps in early May 2017.

In June, we sent a similar survey that was filled out by nearly 2,000 members, giving us lots of encouragement and lots to think about as well. This feedback referenced content you would like to see, features you were looking for, and what you are looking for in the future.

Based on the results, we have put more effort into music discovery and making it easier and more enjoyable to find the music you want. Toward that end, we’ve launched more advanced search functions enabling you to search by genre or label, and are actively working on some of the desired features such as music charts and exclusive label sales.

In addition, many of you wanted more features relating to playing and enjoying your music – in August we launched playlists and advanced music management, which many of you have been enjoying on the Android and iOS apps, and are just releasing one of the most requested features – casting music to your TV with Chromecast.

We look forward to seeing the results and experience of the Member base since June, and learning how we can focus to make eMusic better.

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