eMusic Account Page updates

Hey there! One thing that you may have noticed last week is some major updates on your eMusic account page.  We know that, as collectors, you rely on the ability to view your membership credits and any other credits in your account, so that you can strategize when to purchase music from our catalog.  Based on your feedback, we knew that was one of the first features we needed to make sure was back on track, and, of course, improving the experience while we are at it!

Here’s what you can find on your account page:

  • Active membership credits – how much you’ve used for the month and date of expiry
  • Extra credit purchases – date of purchase, amount of purchase, what’s been used, and when it expires
  • Plan details
  • Next credit refresh
  • Option to top up with extra credits or change your plan at any time

And just to make sure you have the complete view of your account wherever you are when the mood strikes you to shop, we’ve also made all this available to our mobile Android users, and via mobile web for our iOS users.

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