Album Pricing Update

Great news! Thanks to helpful feedback from many of our Members, we were able to identify and fix a couple of key album pricing issues:

  1. Albums priced higher than the sum of the tracks.
  2. Albums priced higher when including digital booklets.

Both of these issues have been corrected, so you should notice that many of eMusic’s album prices have now gotten even better.

Please note: When an album has digital booklets as well as album-only tracks, the album is priced at the album level, not on a per-track basis. In many of these cases the music label has put a premium on album-only content (we can’t change that). However, because you’re an eMusic Member, you still save 15-40% on the overall album price.

We are not able to comparison shop everything, so if you come across any albums that are still not giving you an appropriate eMusic discount, please let us know by emailing us at

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