Month: June 2017

eMusic Account Page updates

Hey there! One thing that you may have noticed last week is some major updates on your eMusic account page.  We know that, as collectors, you rely on the ability to view your membership credits and any other credits in your account, so that you can strategize when to purchase music from our catalog.  Based […]

Album Pricing Update

Great news! Thanks to helpful feedback from many of our Members, we were able to identify and fix a couple of key album pricing issues: Albums priced higher than the sum of the tracks. Albums priced higher when including digital booklets. Both of these issues have been corrected, so you should notice that many of […]

Free Daily Download is Back

eMusic’s Free Daily Download is back, and it’s going mobile! Every day, get a hot new track, hand-selected by our editors from new releases for you to download and own for free (that’s 365 free tracks a year). You can even see what’s coming up in your Daily Download queue, so you always have something […]