“Album Unavailable” Error

Update: May 17, 2017, 4:10 PM : Good news! We were able to implement a fix this afternoon to resolve this issue.  If you still come across instances where you see a “full album unavailable” error, please copy the URL and send it to support@emusic.com. This will enable us to update or replace the track/album with a corrected copy.


We are currently undergoing a few issues with the availability of our content. You may encounter releases that are labeled “Full Album Unavailable” and find that you are unable to purchase or sample these releases. Alternatively, you may encounter releases that, when you attempt to purchase or sample them, a red bar appears at the top of your screen with something along the lines of “Error: Not Available (INVALID_PRODUCT_ID)” or “This product is not available in your country”. Our production team is aware of the issue and are currently working with our content providers to develop a solution. In the meantime, there will be a brief period where a number of items in our library are unavailable. We apologize for this inconvenience. We hope to have a fix implemented shortly. Once it is in place, you will immediately be able to make your purchases without any issues.

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