First Week Recap

It’s been nearly a week since our official re-launch! Since launch, we’ve completed the migration of past purchases to Members’ My Music libraries and the migration of Save for Later lists to Wish Lists. We have also been listening to, and trying to address questions raised by our Members.

Today’s post will focus on some of the main themes and questions raised by Members.



We’ve heard from many Members that are thrilled to see the eMusic Download Manager (DLM) go, and we’ve also heard from others that miss the convenience of the DLM (i.e., when it was working correctly). Well, with the advancements in modern web browsers and the compatibility issues we faced with DLM, we believe our Members are better served utilizing the download function built into their favorite web browsers. In the new eMusic, music downloads straight to your designated “downloads” folder. From there, Members can simply drag and drop music files from their downloads folder to their iTunes library, or the media player library of their choice. (You don’t even have to unzip album files with most players.) To learn more about downloading with eMusic, click here.

Separately, some Members have reported errors while trying to download select albums or tracks they’ve purchased. We have been able to tie this issue back to defective tracks supplied to eMusic by several label partners. We are doing our best to get these tracks replaced ASAP, but it takes some time to resend and replace the tracks.  If you’ve experienced this issue, please contact us at with details, so we can credit you for damaged tracks as we wait for replacements.


Missing Content:

One of the largest catalysts for re-launching eMusic was to update the infrastructure of our content feeds. While we’ve migrated most our catalog to the new platform and added lots of great new artists and albums, we realize there are still a few key label partners missing. Ideally, we would have had more labels active on the new site at launch, but we had to move fast as the infrastructure supporting the old site was starting to fail. New releases were taking weeks to post and certain label feeds were down altogether.

Getting additional labels up and running is a complicated process. In some cases, it’s a matter of sorting out how labels are distributed to our new content platform, getting required approvals, and correcting the feeds — as we did for TuneCore, Finetunes and Domino (US & CA) this past week. But, in other cases we are finding things not as straightforward. For example, we are looking at the Fat Possum label, which previously was delivered through Red, INgrooves, and Fat Possum directly. To get Fat Possum into our new catalog, we need to completely rebuild two of the three feeds. So, we need to inquire and investigate and yes, as you said, quickly restore.

Rest assured, we are working hard to expand our selection every day, and we will be sure to let you know when new labels are added. Please keep a close eye on the eStories blog, where we will continue to post updates on our progress.


Search Optimization:

We’ve heard from several Members that search can be problematic – i.e. many of you are finding content that you want in a roundabout way through artist pages, rather than through a direct search result. Our investigation indicates that our daily content refresh may be affecting your search results.  In our attempt to get content to members as quickly as possible each day, we may be causing errors. New albums and tracks may be displaying before our search tools have had a chance to properly indexed the new content – causing search issues, especially around the time of the daily refresh.  We will continue to work on a fix for this and share our progress in upcoming blog posts.


Duplicate Albums & Managing My Music:

We’ve heard from some customers that are seeing duplicate albums in their My Music libraries. After investigating, we have identified 2 potential causes:

  1. Duplicate Uploads: Think of your My Music library as a simple music locker. If you add two of the same albums, you’re likely to see duplicates. Why? Because even though an album may have the same name, it may have different content ID’s associated with each album. So, if you’ve uploaded an album that already exists in your library (whole or in part), or you upload the same album from multiple sources, you can end up with multiple copies of the Album.
  2. Migration Issues: In an effort to give you the best-quality mp3’s available (320 cbr), we sourced your past purchases from our new content platform before going back to archived copies. In cases where our new content platform only has a partial album, our system sourced the tracks available, and then sourced the balance from the old system. This caused some of your albums to appear split in your My Music library. We are working on a fix for affected users. Unfortunately, this is not a small project and may require a couple of weeks to correct.

Management of your my Music library is a critical component of our product roadmap. We have plans to introduce features soon that will enable you to eliminate duplicates, adjust metadata, and delete unwanted albums and tracks. Look for news on these new features in upcoming eMusic blog posts.


Please Take Note: While eMusic Product and Marketing team members are constantly monitoring community sites like the eMusicOfficial subreddit and, it’s always best for Members to contact eMusic directly with product feedback and support requests. If there’s something you want us to prioritize, or you have specific questions about your account or service, please contact us through our Support Center at This enables us to log your requests and ensure that each case gets the attention and follow-up it deserves.


Please check back for new posts tomorrow!

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