eMusic Launch – Day 3

Update: May 11, 2017, 5:18 PM Fix to updating content for latest releases is in and confirmed!  To find the latest go to Browse Music and sort by Release Date. Cheers.

Things are looking better today – we’ve had a couple of quick wins from yesterday both in content and performance.

As promised, we updated our database to improve the speed of the site and reduce the time to fully migrate members’ music collections onto the new  platform.  Previously, a collection of over 10,000 tracks was taking over 30 minutes to migrate completely – today the same is clocking at between 10-15 minutes.  This update also alleviated the stress of this migration on the performance of the rest of the site, alleviating some of the download issues we had seen on Monday and Tuesday of this week.  However, some members are continuing to report download issues.  From what we can see in a few cases, downloads persist in a “in progress” state, both from the purchase page and from My Music.  Our team is currently examining the root causes of this, and we will continue to update here on the status.

In other news, we have a big win today in our store – this morning we’ve reinstated TuneCore content for purchase on the site.  As many of you know, TuneCore is one of the premier distributors where artists, both emerging and established, can access music channels to distribute their music, thereby keeping the lion’s share of the sales revenue while protecting their ownership and copyrights.  Chance the Rapper, Blended Babies, Taylor Bennet, and even Brad from our own eMusic Marketing Team – are users and fans.  Some great labels such as Caldo Verde, Dualtone Music Group and Null Corporation use it for distribution as well.  We’re happy to have reinstated TuneCore quickly, and are committed to bringing much more content back in the near future, so please write us with suggestions at support@eMusic.com.

We have also detected a bug in catalog updates that was preventing new releases on the store.  We expect the fix to take place in the next 24 hours.  Following this fix, every day going forward new releases will be updated.  One of the main reasons we chose to partner with 7Digital for our music catalog, was to remove ourselves from custom (and often broken) music ingestion processes that would cause days and weeks to go by before new releases would make it to the store.  With 7Digital, this process runs every day and new releases will be updated every 24 hours.  Tomorrow is street day, so we are especially keen to fix this quickly.

As always, please check back here every so often to know more about the launch and new music and labels we are adding to eMusic.

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