New eMusic Launch – Day 2 News

Good news today!  One of the main issues that was affecting members yesterday was the inability to find their Saved for Later and Lists within the new eMusic Wish List feature.  As of this morning, Wish Lists are loaded and available!  In the case that content may be missing, please refer to the information posted in our Support Center.

In other good news, My Music purchase history migration is complete for most users that  logged into the new yesterday.  If you logged in yesterday and don’t see your past purchases appearing in your My Music library within a couple of hours after visiting the new site or app, please try logging out and then logging back in.  This action will restart the migration process for you.

To preserve the overall performance of the site, loading the purchase history may take some time to fully load and become available.  This times varies by the size of your collection as well as the point in time you logged in.  Once you log in, your update will be placed in the queue to take place as soon as possible.  Tonight, our plan is to update our database in order to improve the speed of this critical process.

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