The new eMusic has launched – Day One!

T5/10, 9:36am EST.  Update on Wish List migration:  Unfortunately, our development team ran into some unforeseen issues while trying to migrate lists and save-for-later last night. They continue to work this critical issue and we will post updates throughout the day. 

5/10, 9:35am EST.  Update on My Music migration:  Migration of past purchases to the new site continues, albeit slowly. Once a Member logs into the new eMusic, our new site begins fetching past-purchases from the old system. High demand has caused the migration process to slow, so please be patient. Your purchase history is safe and will soon appear in your My Music library (i.e. if it hasn’t already populated). 

5/9, 1:51 EST.  Update on Wish List migration:  All roads point to smooth sailing.  Once My Music has been migrated, the Saved for Later and Lists should be safely restored to your Wish List by end of day today.

5/9, 1:40 EST.  Update on My Music migration: We’ve verified that all our members content is safely on the new platform and logged to display.  What is causing the delay is performance issues – in testing the process performed much faster and we are now experiencing delays that we have not anticipated.  The whole team is devoted to finding a way to speed this process.

5/9, 10:39 EST.  Update: 1) Saved for Later migration to Wish List has begun.  Members should be able to see this migration by end of day.   2) We’ve also heard a few members report that their download history has not yet been migrated.  This is being investigated and we will post about it shortly.  Please check back for updates!

Customer migration to the all new eMusic is well underway!  Overnight over half of our members were migrated to the new platform, and the rest should be done by 10 AM EST.

For those of you already on the new site, we hope that you have had a very satisfying start to your new shopping and music enjoyment experience. A few things to note:

Download History:
Your download history will begin to load as soon as you log into the website or app.  Depending on the size of your collection (most of you have 1000s!!) it may take a few minutes so please be patient.

Using an old version of the app? 
The update for the apps will take place later this morning around 10 AM EST.  If your mobile device isn’t set for auto-updates please make sure to update to the latest version to access your music.

What’s new? 
A lot.  Check out new content from The Orchard and Jagjaguwar, as well as updates from the Orchard.  Some new features include the ability to search by label, as well as downloading past purchases through your My Music Library.

What’s coming soon? 
A lot.  Extra credit packs (formerly boosters) will be launched soon, and the daily FREE download will soon be restored.  We’ll also be refining the account page so that you can manage your music membership and understand your plan details at a glance.  We will also be adding critical account functions such as being able to hold your account, as before.

Please, take a tour and enjoy.  If you have any specific concerns please visit our Support Center.

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