A Moment of Silence for the eMusic Download Manager

As Members get used to the all-new eMusic, we’ve heard a lot of great feedback on changes we’ve made in purchasing, storing and managing your music collection in the My Music cloud. Some have noted that the eMusic Download Manager is no longer supported on the new site – this is true! This post is to reflect on how we came to that choice.

The eMusic Download Manager (DLM) has long been a cause of frustration for many Members. The original code in the eMusic DLM is now incompatible with several modern browsers. Even if the code is compatible, regular browser updates often cause new conflicts with the DLM – creating unnecessary moments of customer dissatisfaction.

Another reason for us to move away from the eMusic DLM was because of advancements in software security. Third-party plug-ins like the DLM are often rejected by new operating systems or security software, and require special permissions to be enabled. Security is a very important issue and no one wants to install and maintain third-party software unless it’s absolutely necessary. Considering the advancements in browser technology, we felt the browser’s native downloading capabilities would provide a more familiar and stable experience for our users.

However, as we intend our service to be an end-to-end music management service, we understand users with large collections may need a solution for synchronizing their music between devices and their My Music cloud library. This includes bulk uploading of large collections, recovery of lost music, and automatically synching new purchases with a dedicated pc or server. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, we’ve got you covered. We’re currently developing a two-way sync agent to better serve our serious collectors with more advanced music management needs. Stay tuned for more details.

Having any trouble downloading from the new site? Please check out this Downloading FAQ in our Customer Support Center.

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