Migrating Member Collections to the new eMusic Platform

If there’s one thing we’ve learned in our transition to the all-new eMusic platform, it’s that migrating from one platform to another is never a completely straightforward process.

Our journey started with a signed partnership with 7digital, a leading content platform that enables seamless music ingestion, immediate access to new releases, and an expanded music catalog. Issues with the legacy platform have been a long-term source of frustration for many Members – resulting in a constant stream of delayed releases, missing content and track issues. So, while migration to our new content platform has been a very complex, disruptive project, it’s well worth the effort.

As part of the partnership with 7digital, eMusic will source licensed content from 7digital’s global catalogue – placing matched copies of new as well as past purchases into our Members’ My Music personal cloud library (provided the tracks are in our licensed catalogue – including a majority of independent music, but not, for example, Katy Perry). This is GREAT news for eMusic Members as it means instant, anywhere access to all their eMusic purchases, and the ability to download current and past purchases multiple times from My Music.

Our biggest challenge thus far is the process of matching tracks and albums from our old catalog to our new catalog. We’ve successfully migrated our most critical label partners (adding a few along the way), but have encountered many album and track matching anomalies, such as duplicate IDs from different labels, incongruities in meta data, etc. Net-net, at first cut, we have only been able to match about 60% of our tracks. Less than we hoped for, but not bad for a starting point.  From there we began to employ a slightly fuzzier logic, looking for a secondary match on artist name along with album and track titles, from which we gained another 10%, but with lower confidence.  And this still left us with about a 30% gap in our task.

After exploring all options and the risk to the Member experience, we decided to migrate only Member purchases for which we had 100% confidence – leaving that which we can’t match with confidence on the legacy platform until it can be definitively matched or migrated.  So, at launch, Members might notice a few gaps in their My Music library, but this should have minimal impact as Members can always upload their existing copies.  In the meantime, we will continue to investigate ways to boost our match rate and fill our Members’ libraries. Stay tuned for more updates!

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