97% of Beta testers prefer the new eMusic look and feel

Blog_Post-Look_N_Feel (1)

If you’re reading this, you know there’s a lot of changes coming to eMusic, not the least of which is the look and feel of the new website and mobile apps.  The new eMusic will offer a full visual redesign, including a modern logo, fresh colors and a completely new mobile and website user experience.  We’ve redesigned everything from the ground up based on user data and feedback, making it easier, faster and more fun to shop and manage your music.

What was the inspiration behind the changes? Over many years, the current eMusic has accumulated a variety of different and somewhat inconsistent styles. And, we felt like our design and colors didn’t represent the type of eMusic user experience we would want as music fans. This work went hand in hand with feature improvements, catalog enhancements, and higher performance standards in search, browse, and purchase.

All this being said, eMusic members are *ahem a little passionate about the site, so we held our breath in releasing the new look and feel in the Beta. Which is why we’re so excited to learn that 97% of our Beta testers deemed the new site and apps “Improved a Lot.” We hope you like it too!

While we’ve made a lot of design improvements, we haven’t changed anything about your content – when you sign in you will find your account and preferences as you left it, as well as your Music Library and download history.

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