Top of 2018: Domino Records Features

2018 is off to a strong start thanks to a few key releases to welcome the year. We’d like to feature a few titles from Domino Records. Their track record spans releases from the Arctic Monkeys, Dirty Projectors, The Notwist and more.

Let’s take a look at a snapshot of 2018’s recent releases:

Porches – The House
This is the third studio album by Porches, a project led by New-York’s Aaron Maine. Musically, The House falls inbetween darkwave and dance-pop. Some tracks (“Leave the House”, “Find Me” & “Ono”) are a throwback to Pool (2016), echoing its danceable beat. Maine stated the lyrics featured in The House are based on journal entries and that most songs were recorded the day they were written.

Hookworms – Microshift
The title ‘Microshift’, named somewhat ironically, depicts the differences in style between this release and Hookworms’ previous two albums. They manage to retain their true sound yet continue to push beyond their limits as a band.

Franz Ferdinand – Always Ascending
Franz Ferdinand’s Always Ascending is the band’s fifth album and a first for the new line up featuring musicians Dino Bardot (guitar) and Julian Corrie (keyboards, synth and guitar). Lead singer Alex Kapranos said he wants to “make dance music but play it as a raw band”. This album hits that mark. Franz Ferdinand exhibit new style and sound, and thus triumphantly prove that they are more than capable to growing and evolving while staying true and original.

Offline Playlists

You’re on your way to work and you’ve got a bit of a commute. You put your favorite playlist on and start moving your lips to the tune of “Man in Black” by the late and great Johnny Cash.

Johnny stops singing abruptly and so do you. Argh! Lost connection yet again. If only there was something to do about that…oh, wait! There is!

eMusic is very excited to introduce you to its latest feature: Offline Playlists!

Here’s how it works:
Login to the eMusic app, go into My Music and then into Playlists.
Click on a playlist and then press the toggle to make it available offline.

Easy, ain’t it?

Mind you, you have to be online for the tracks to download onto your device. You can undo that action at any point by just pressing the toggle again, keeping the option of easily returning it to an offline playlist OR remove the album from device, individually or as a whole through the playlist’s More Options menu.

If you wish to, you can add more tracks to the (offline) playlist and they will automatically be downloaded and included with the rest of the songs.

So, next time you head to work or return home after a night out, you can sing along without fearing that Thom Yorke will leave you high and dry.

eMusic Catalog Update

Despite our best efforts to keep our catalog intact, we’ve suffered some temporary label losses. The eMusic business model has not been immune to pressures from the competitive world of free streaming and music videos.  The recent label losses are evidence of the difficulties we face in supporting preferred Member pricing, growing membership in a competitive market, and maintaining a robust music catalog.

Though these losses are painful to us and our loyal members, we’re constantly exploring options to provide added value, expand our catalog, restore desired labels and grow our membership.  These efforts have spanned technology improvements, new plans and offers for new customers, and a steep reduction in organizational costs.  To name a few:

  • We’ve completely replaced a failing ecommerce platform.
  • We’ve greatly reduced overhead and operating expenses.
  • We’ve introduced free cloud services to help Members manage their collections and bring more value overall to the service.
  • We’ve introduced a flexible Open Access plan that enables Members to buy as much or as little music as they want from month to month.
  • We’ve also pursued new investment opportunities to help us grow in membership.

Despite our progress since relaunching eMusic, we know there’s more that needs to be done. We believe that what we and the industry needs right now is a much bigger innovation – one that will allow us to carry through on our mission to deliver a music service for collectors that value music ownership and supporting their favorite artists.

We have a plan and a path forward (and its not streaming).  We have the backing for a new direction that will enable us to add  artists and restore labels to the store, and introduce new music technologies that don’t exist anywhere today.   In fact, in a matter of weeks, we’ll be ready to share details about a new eMusic marketplace we’re developing that will help us to bring back lost content, expand our catalog, and enable our fans to interact with and support their favorite artists in a whole new way.  Plus, we will continue to enhance eMusic’s core functionality, making it your go-to player, collection manager, and retail store.  

We look forward to sharing more information soon with our supportive and loyal customers.

eMusic’s New and Improved Functionality

So, you just downloaded an album or ripped tracks from old CDs or vinyl, and you’re ready to upload it to your My Music Cloud. You then notice that Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of you” was uploaded as Luis Fonsi’s or that Kendrick Lamar’s “DAMN” appears as released in 2001.

We’ve all had this happen to us, right?

As your personal My Music Cloud is the core of enjoying your music, eMusic has improved its functionality to deal with these exact issues.

Any album you upload to the eMusic cloud is now marked by an upwards pointing arrow to help distinguish between your uploads and the albums that were purchased on eMusic.

You’ll notice that the more options menu now contains the option to easily and efficiently edit metadata, including: the album title, artist name and the release year. In addition, you can add up to 5 genres or sub genres.

If you come across an album where the track artist isn’t synced with the album artist, all you have to do is check the box to match all tracks to the album artist. You can also edit the track artists individually, if for example you have a compilation of various artists by using the more options menu for individual tracks.

The order of the tracks is all messed up? No problem. There’s a solution for that too!
You can arrange them in the correct order by editing their track numbers and even move tracks to another album they ended up in the wrong place.

Just got a hold of Leonard Cohen’s 3 disc “classics” collection and found the cd’s scattered around the cloud? You can combine all three into one album and within it, divide the tracks into separate discs.

We know what you’re thinking. What about the album art? Well, you can rest assured that this too is on our to-do list! Soon you’ll be able to attach an album art, if missing or change it if it’s incorrect.

At eMusic, we care about our users and consistently keep improving to assure that you stay satisfied and get the best user experience possible.

Keep checking out our blog or join our social communities on Reddit, Facebook and Twitter to keep up with the latest news and release updates.