Owning vs Streaming Music

We all know that streaming services such as Spotify, Soundcloud and Google Play Music have changed the way people enjoy and consume music.  While these subscription (or freemium) services offer a way to sample and experience from a large catalog, eMusic customers have many reasons as to why they continue to buy mp3s and what is rewarding about owning a music collection.

1,700 eMusic members that filled out our customer satisfaction survey in July were asked about their streaming vs. owning habits.   Virtually no member indicated that they weren’t streaming music, but reported that 83% of the time they are listening to their own music collection vs. a streaming music service.  In addition, when asked “Why do you purchase some music instead of purely using a streaming service,” the top reasons selected were “I prefer to own my music instead of renting,” “To support favorite artists,” and the freedom to “manage and curate” and “listen to purchases whenever I want.”

Music, it seems, isn’t just a product to be served on demand – it’s an experience that is rewarding in its own way.

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Introducing: eMusic Playlists

Truly re-discover your music and take full control of your collection by creating the perfect playlist for any type of activity, mood or theme you’re feeling.

Playlists are available at home or on the go within your My Music tab. All you need to do is create a playlist and add your favorites.

Which will you create first?



Label Status and Feedback

We’ve received a large amount of feedback on the status of certain labels and overall content requests. We hear you and your feedback isn’t going unnoticed – your requests have been crucial in helping us to identify issues and prioritize the demand for our content.

Recently, we were able to (re)launch Polyvinyl, CarPark, TuneCore, Finetunes and Domino (US & CA), and have recently expanded our catalog with Soul Jazz, Southern Lord, Crammed Disc as well as a few others.

Currently, we’re targeting mid-next month for our next update, but we hope to have more good news for you before then.

Please continue submitting issues to support@emusic.com and sharing thoughts on how to improve our catalog. Our label relations team is listening and are committed to growing the quality and quantity of eMusic catalog.

– Your eMusic Team

Complete Your Album and Save!

Already purchased a few songs from an album, and now you’re thinking about buying the rest? You’re in luck! 

We recently re-launched our popular “Complete My Album” feature, which means that any tracks purchased on the new eMusic website or eMusic app count towards the purchases of the entire album. As you purchase individual tracks, you will see the price of the complete album drop accordingly. So, now when you use your remaining credits at the end of one month to purchase select tracks on an album, you can come back the following month with your new credit to complete the purchase, without penalty.

Please note: Complete My Album is currently limited to album purchases on the new eMusic. If you have matched previous eMusic purchases in your library, and want to purchase the complete album, we have you covered.  Just purchase the complete album and then send an email to support@emusic.com with the name of the album and artist, along with details on your prior track purchase(s). We will be happy to give you a courtesy credit for the current value of the tracks.