Introducing: eMusic Playlists

Truly re-discover your music and take full control of your collection by creating the perfect playlist for any type of activity, mood or theme you’re feeling.

Playlists are available at home or on the go within your My Music tab. All you need to do is create a playlist and add your favorites.

Which will you create first?



Label Status and Feedback

We’ve received a large amount of feedback on the status of certain labels and overall content requests. We hear you and your feedback isn’t going unnoticed – your requests have been crucial in helping us to identify issues and prioritize the demand for our content.

Recently, we were able to (re)launch Polyvinyl, CarPark, TuneCore, Finetunes and Domino (US & CA), and have recently expanded our catalog with Soul Jazz, Southern Lord, Crammed Disc as well as a few others.

Currently, we’re targeting mid-next month for our next update, but we hope to have more good news for you before then.

Please continue submitting issues to and sharing thoughts on how to improve our catalog. Our label relations team is listening and are committed to growing the quality and quantity of eMusic catalog.

– Your eMusic Team

eMusic Account Page updates

Hey there! One thing that you may have noticed last week is some major updates on your eMusic account page.  We know that, as collectors, you rely on the ability to view your membership credits and any other credits in your account, so that you can strategize when to purchase music from our catalog.  Based on your feedback, we knew that was one of the first features we needed to make sure was back on track, and, of course, improving the experience while we are at it!

Here’s what you can find on your account page:

  • Active membership credits – how much you’ve used for the month and date of expiry
  • Extra credit purchases – date of purchase, amount of purchase, what’s been used, and when it expires
  • Plan details
  • Next credit refresh
  • Option to top up with extra credits or change your plan at any time

And just to make sure you have the complete view of your account wherever you are when the mood strikes you to shop, we’ve also made all this available to our mobile Android users, and via mobile web for our iOS users.

Album Pricing Update

Great news! Thanks to helpful feedback from many of our Members, we were able to identify and fix a couple of key album pricing issues:

  1. Albums priced higher than the sum of the tracks.
  2. Albums priced higher when including digital booklets.

Both of these issues have been corrected, so you should notice that many of eMusic’s album prices have now gotten even better.

Please note: When an album has digital booklets as well as album-only tracks, the album is priced at the album level, not on a per-track basis. In many of these cases the music label has put a premium on album-only content (we can’t change that). However, because you’re an eMusic Member, you still save 15-40% on the overall album price.

We are not able to comparison shop everything, so if you come across any albums that are still not giving you an appropriate eMusic discount, please let us know by emailing us at